Donut Nirvana in Hagerstown, MD

I think I found donut nirvana tonight in Hagerstown, MD! Checking out Krumpe’s Do-Nuts (this is the way they spell Do-Nuts….) was on my summer bucket list. I’ve wanted to check them out for a bit now and wasn’t disappointed at ALL! The do-nuts were fresh, hot and just made. And, going there was a mini-adventure!


I had heard that Krumpe’s has odd hours and that they aren’t open all of the time…and that their location is a little secretive. There website ( is very informative (there’s a handy map) and states the hours as Sunday through Friday 7:00 pm to 2:00 am.  At first, I had to double look at those times. Really, 7 pm to 2 am? Sounds like the perfect place my friends and I would have liked 20 years ago when we stayed up past midnight!! But, the reason is that Krumpe’s started out (and still does) as a do-nut delivery company (the website has a cool history section about how they were started, which was really interesting). Thus, they make the do-nuts in the evening so they are delivered fresh early the next morning!

Well, this Mom is just fine eating do-nuts in the evening! We were looking for something fun to do so we packed up the mini-van and headed out to find this mysterious Krumpe’s! What I had heard was correct, it’s secretively located…in an alley and all! Middle of a neighborhood, not far from another favorite place of mine in Hagerstown, the Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet (call for hours and info, 301-739-6314, they too have odd hours/days they are open…but not late at night 🙂). Krumpe’s is also very close to the Hagerstown Outlets (great shopping!) Who knew? Signs do point out Krumpe’s location but it did seem like we were on a secret spy mission for some sugary treats! It added to the fun and the boys were excited.

Once we found the alley and quickly parked our van, we joined a short line forming at the door. The smell alone had me! Yum! J described it correctly, the air smelled like funnel cakes! We could hardly wait to get our hands on these donuts! The suspense was building!


The choices are simple (think glazed, jelly filled, cinnamon twists, powdered sugar, etc.) at Krumpe’s and they have specials (this month’s special is a Strawberry Shortcake do-nut). I was pleasantly surprised at the prices too! Six bucks a dozen for regular donuts and $6.20 for filled donuts. Since we just wanted a mix of donuts, the nice gentleman behind the counter just mixed the donuts for us. We ended up purchasing 3 dozens….we could have eaten all of them (they are that good!), but I’m suppose to be being healthy this summer (one has to live a little…I exchanged my evening walk tonight with a trip to get donuts!) so we picked up a dozen for our good friends and also got a dozen for my hubby to take to work tomorrow (hopefully they will make his team’s Monday a little sweeter).


The gentleman helping us must have sensed this was our first time visiting Krumpe’s (maybe all of photos tipped him off?!?)…as he asked us if this was our first visit. When I told him that yes it was, he gave us each a pipping hot fresh glazed do-nut to try! Pure sugar heaven! Truly, these do-nuts had me at the first bite!!

We happily left with our boxes of do-nuts, devouring our hot sample! We got to the car and of course had to try another flavor of do-nuts (the custard filled one was equally as yummy)! The ride home was filled with smiles and sugar on our lips! We will definitely be visiting Krumpe’s and Hagerstown, Maryland again very soon.

I think we will all dream of Krumpe’s Donuts as we drift off to sleep tonight!

What a perfect day in Maryland!


For Those Who Want A Little More Sugar in Their Lives:

I believe each year, Krumpe’s Does a 5K Race/Walk called the Krumpe’s Donut Alley Ralley 5K. A sign by the entrance gave the 2016 date as Friday, August 12, 2016. Check their website and Twitter/Facebook pages for more info.

Also, if you are interested in visiting other yummy donut shops in Maryland, has a nice article “Go Nuts for Maryland Donuts.” Click here for the link to the article. I’ve personally tried the Fractured Prune, Duck Donuts (the original location in NC) and Glory Donuts. All are fantastic, just like Krumpe’s!                                    Just note: If you have a Tree Nut allergy in your household, Glory Donuts uses Almond Milk to make their donuts.  (I was REALLY glad we asked!) Their donuts are Vegan.





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