Exploring Industrazation at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Looking for something cool to do inside this weekend? The Maryland heat just keeps sticking around (literally!). I for one am looking forward to the Fall…pumpkins, apples, soup, leaves…all the good Fall stuff! But, it looks like summer is staying for a bit! So, head to a Maryland museum to enjoy the A/C and some very cool displays (the kiddos might learn a thing or two as well!!).

The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a pure gem of a museum. We discovered this museum last summer and loved it so much my oldest chose it to go to on his birthday (14!!!). The second visit was just as fun as the first. The reason I really like this museum is it teaches my boys about industry.  How, just like their ancestors, folks used to largely work with their hands. They ran businesses. You bought your goods from the company that made them..in or near where your item was made. Quality was important. Customer service was important. A friendly smile was important.

Travel back in time to an old fashion soda fountain.

The Baltimore Museum of Industry showcases all of these wonderful businesses of Baltimore. A few still reside in the City; many do not. And for folks who like to tinker with things, this museum has a lot of big machines. Old ones that if given the chance would still work for another hundred years! My hubby was especially fascinated with this museum as he too works with his hands. He pointed out many interesting things that I might have missed. There’s something for everyone at this museum—car/truck displays, a printing press (check their website for days that they have the presses working), canning displays (don’t miss the information about child labor), an old fashion store, machines, a clothing manufacturing display, and lots more fun things to see and learn about.

Currently, the museum has an exhibit called “Then and Now” with several photographs of places in Baltimore showing what they look like now and how they looks years ago. The history lover and photographer in me loved this display!

If you decide to go, I recommend bringing a picnic lunch. The Museum is right next to the Harbor and has benches and a pavilion. It’s fun to sit and watch the boats go by. Also, the ducks were fun to watch too! The outside portion has several worth-t0-look-at exhibits. If you are looking for a wedding venue, the museum does rent their space for weddings. What a GREAT place to have a wedding!

My Dad is a huge sign-reader at museums. I used to kid him about it but now I’m glad he taught me to not rush through a museum. This is the spice grinder that was used to first make Old Bay! Glad I read the sign…

One last note, the Baltimore Museum of Industry is near Fort McHenry (see my post on visiting Fort McHenry) as well as the Baltimore Visionary Art Museum (on my list to visit!) and the Maryland Science Center (one of our long-time favorites). Also, the restrooms are very clean (:-)) and they have a cute small gift store that carries unique Maryland items and books. We left with a cool magnet and several funny buttons (my fav being “REAL Housewife!”). Oh, we found the museum very easy to get to and parking is FREE!

As always….What a Perfect Day in Maryland!



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