Maryland Mom: Monica

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I’m Monica!

I love living here and exploring the state of Maryland with by family. I’ve been a Maryland girl all of my life! I have a wonderful husband (we’ve known each other since high school) and two beautiful boys. We enjoy spending our free time and summers exploring our great state. Day trips are my favorite and we try to go on one at least once a month. My inspiration for traveling and exploring with my children came from my parents—I had a truly wonderful childhood, and also spent a lot of time taking day trips around Maryland!

In 2016, I decided to start a Blog about day trips and fun adventures. A lot of fellow Moms and friends ask me about where we go and I’m always sharing my adventures with them. I decided other people might enjoy reading about our adventures.

When I’m not traveling around Maryland with my family, I like to take photos, scrapbook, read, cook, learn about history, take walks and do really anything that’s creative and fun. For my job, I’m a Children’s Librarian, which is truly a wonderful profession as I never feel like I’m “going to work.” Both professionally and personally, I believe that a lot of learning happens outside, when exploring the world. As a parent, I feel it’s important to give my children real-life experiences.

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I hope you too have a “great day in Maryland!”


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