Exploring the Shores of the Chesapeake at Sandy Point State Park

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Last summer, I decided to take the relaxed and long trip down to the shore. The boys and I woke up and hit the road early. We didn’t have a schedule and we stopped when we wanted to. It’s sometimes nice to explore and take the road less traveled. I feel that the boys are getting bigger now and our time spent together in “unscheduled” activities is diminishing. This was one of those days that was careless and fun for us.

Our first stop on our road trip was to Sandy Point State Park. My Mom took us to this park many times when I was a kid. We would spend the entire day at this beach. Floating on rafts, eating a picnic lunch and finding shells. This is a great little gem of a park and beach. It offers terrific views of the Chesapeake Bay and the Bay Bridge. After all these years, the entrance fees are still reasonable.

On this visit, the weather was a bit overcast and it was even sprinkling a bit. That was okay with us. The boys and I were in old clothes and we had extra clothes in the car anyway (there are showers and changing stalls at this State Park). We decided that taking a walk and exploring the shoreline would be a perfect activity for us.


The boys jumped out of the car and we headed to the North shore of the beach. It was nicely uncrowded and we didn’t see many people (I suppose the weather scared them off..and it was a weekday). I shot this photo of the boys near the tip of the shoreline and then I let them explore by themselves. It’s taken me a bit as a Mom to let them go far from me but sometimes, it’s important for me to let them wander and explore on their own.


Both of my boys enjoy looking for treasures, especially those that wash up from the ocean. B is a little more patient and will carefully look for them. J is a little less patient and tends to get upset if he doesn’t find the perfect shell or piece of sea glass. I reminded him to stop and look more carefully. After a couple of steps, he realized this and looked more closely. Since we had just had a storm, we all found awesome pieces of sea glass.


Here’s a photo of some of our finds. We also found lots of cool shaped rocks. We also got our feet a little wet in the Bay. By the end of our walk along the shore, our pockets were quite full of treasures. It was funny to see the pockets of the boys’ shorts stuffed with their treasures!


More so, as a Mom, it was nice to see my boys exploring the shoreline and enjoying themselves. Maryland has many beautiful beaches, Sandy Point is one of my favorites, especially when it is uncrowded and quiet. What a perfect day in Maryland!


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